Stitch N’ Kitsch

December 21, 2006
aww look at me at stitch n’ kitsch! I had so much fun that day, but i was soooooooo tired, beleive me! I did not sleep all friday night for fear of having to bring naked dollies and mermaids..haha
BUt it was an amazing day, I met so many creative artists and made trades for great crafty stuff. I got to hang out with my lovely friend Emily who makes the best pottery and got a big hug from her mom who I haven’t seen in years and I love her so much.
I met an wonderful super nice midwife who is such a talented artist and got to talk lots of cool birthy stuff with her. She makes beautiful stained glass necklaces with silk and pretty paper, I was so lucky to trade her one for my daughter Raven.
I also traded for acorn dolls and crochet cupcakes from emily that i went to highschool with and a super cool patchwork knitting bag with wooden handles made by Kathy, she is the best! Thanks to everyone who came out and it was so nice to see so many people interested in baby wearing. And thank you for letting me be a guest at your show, it was an honour to be with so many crafty people!


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