Vigorelli Treadle Sewing Machine

January 28, 2007

Does anyone know anything about this machine?  Over the years I have established quite a sewing machine collection.  People often say ‘hey you love to sew, take this home with you’  I have an old vintage industrial Pfaff, a handful of vintage Singers, a Singer 20U Industrial machine that I use all the time.  A couple Janome machines and sergers as well as an Elna serger.  This beautiful green machine was given to me when I was about 18.
It’s a Vigorelli treadle machine in an amazing wooden cabinet and it is made in Italy and thats about all I know! I can’t find much online about it… it was given to me as a gift from a friend of my parents, since they know i love to sew.  It belonged to a seamstress in Germany at one point and made its way over to Canada with her son.   There is a website that sells a copy of the manual if you are looking for one here.

If anyone is interested in purchasing it please let me know, unfortunately its not being used here.



45 Responses to “Vigorelli Treadle Sewing Machine”

  1. mellie Says:

    I have the same Vigorelli Robot machine, although mine has a motor. I have been looking for info too. All I know about it is that it has different cams to do different stitches and the cool thing is you load them all in there at once and turn a dial to switch cams, you don’t have to manually reload them every time. The gear (made out of plastic – so stupid)that engages these cams is broken on mine so all it does is strait stitch and zig-zag, but it’s more powerful than my Singers. You can buy the a copy of the instruction book online. Good luck.

  2. mellie Says:

    I take it back! On closer inspection, your machine DOESN’T have the cam-switching robot mechanism. Sorry. You just have a plain strait stitch one.

  3. Glenys Says:

    I have an electric Vigorelli that I am about to chuck out. Yes it has all the cams and my Mother did lots of fiddly stuff with them during the 1950s. It weighs a ton though so I got myself a lightweight modern machine.
    If you want this one come to New Zealand and you can have it!

  4. Lynn Nickerson Says:

    I have a Vigorelli sewing machine that I purchased aproximately 20 years ago. It works like a top. It has a lot of power, has aprox.30 stitches, as well as buttonhole maker, I love it.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    If you need a new fit all sewing machine treadle belt, you can purchase them here:

    Sewing Machine Fit All Treadle Belt

  6. erin mccord Says:

    I have been looking for information on the Vigarelli that i found at a local thrift store. It is missing the power cord, but I wanted the cabinet regardless. It is a Robot ZZ A, and has the instruction book, all the stuff, and a set of Greist hemmers, etc. I bought a new replacement cord, but it didn’t work. If anyone has any info or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

  7. glenda Says:

    chucking a vigorelli? wow, In the USA all metal machines like these heavy ones are prized because they are worth the weight, the all metal construction allows you to sew over denim or upholstery fabric. I am not sure about the loading cam one with the plastic housing, but the vigorelli I saw recently was in deed all metal – gears, rods, and all other parts too. you can’t beat it for jean quilts or patchwork like with leather etc. I can’t wait to get the money and go back and retrieve it, have it on hold. I have prized my pfaff all metal construction for so many years that finding another all metal one is hard.
    on ebay rececntly saw a replacement cord for erin above – might try to see if its still on.

  8. glenda Says:

    oh and another thing, a sewing machine travelling salesman came to my consignment store in 2005 and traded me out of a serger and a pfaff (newer one that needed a part replaced) plus $200 supposedly for a new all metal sewing machine and when he brought me in the machine, he had some excuse about being late for another appointment so when I got time, I looked at the machine closer and he was a crook – wish I could remember his name. but it was not an all metal sewing machine. I believe it was put out by Brother can’t recall, gave it to my sister in law. that was an expensive lesson and I doubt if it was even worth the $200 I gave in cash to him, little alone – the serger and other pfaff machine.

  9. glenda Says:

    Now before all Brother machine enthusiasts email me about the comment above, let me tell you some more, it was a used machine – supposedly from a local school that had used it in the classroom so it was not a new machine.
    OK I am done, I hope I don’t see something else I forgot to say.

  10. Jeremy Says:

    Take a digital picture of the spot on the machine the cord plugs into and email it to me

    We can find you the correct cord!

  11. lauren Says:

    Have you gotten yours to work yet?

    I’m curious because I just found one ….of course the cord is in bits….

  12. Fran Myers Says:

    I have an even older Vigorelli and information is very hard to find. Mine is a treadle machine, which I have just managed to get sewing, and it is wonderful. If anyone has info on older Vigorellis (sorry, no model number on it) I would really appreciate receiving it. Mine is a thinner model made of heavy metal, in a beautiful fluted cabinet, looking very much like an early Singer.

  13. Dee Norton Says:

    I have a Vigorelli ZZ/A Robot for about 30 years. Works great! If you need a replacement store, I got mine at a local repairs shop that repairs sewing machine. Do you believe I have the same needle in it for the past 30 years. I sometime exchange the size for different materials, but it still works. I have the instruction book, if any needs one, I will copy it and send for reprinting and mailing. Let me know
    Dee /Michigan/USA
    respond to :

    • Dee Norton Says:

      I will never print another copy of instructions to anyone unless I get paid first. I made a copy, sent it out and all I heard it wasn’t the right model. SORRY if you couldn’t read your model CORRECTLY.. Besides not getting my $5.00 for printing and mailing, didn’t even get a thankyou. The man was very rude. I think it was the right model, he kept the instructions. Can’t trust ANYONE!!!

  14. Brandi Says:

    I have a Vigorelli machine, Model ZZ/A Robot that was my grandmothers which she purchased in 1954. It has EVERYTHING & WORKS great!!! It has all these cool features. It’s in a beautiful cabinet with 3 drawers. Have original instructions & even a seperate sheet that has “easy” instructions. Still has it’s original cleaning tools & oil can. Indeed it weighs a ton but amazing. I’ve had it in storage for many years so surprised when we took it out that it still works GREAT. The light on the back even works. Just started researching so happy to find your information here. As much as I hate to admit it, I might be interested in selling to the right person. Any further information you could send my way would be great. Thanks!

    • Victor Trevino Says:

      Hi my name is Victor and I am looking for a vigorelli to buy.. If you still have yours for sale can you please call me at 832-566-5320… I live in Houston…. Thanks……

  15. Nick Says:

    Hi everyone I have a Vigorelli with cabinet. The machine is in very nice condition. The cabinet needs refinishing and a new hinge however it is still stable and secure. Please email me with any questions or offers. Located in Ukiah, CA. Two hours north on the 101 from San Francisco. Thank you.

  16. HELEN Says:

    I am looking for an instruction manual for a


    any suggestions would be welcome. 1/8/09
    Thank you.

  17. lila Says:

    About the machine in the picture, she looks like the stright stitch only of the Robot series. My mother has a ZZ/A and a RZ/A (rotary). Vigorelli was an Italian brand that started as a spin-off of Necchi (being Mr Vigorelli a former Necchi engineer) in the same town. The Robot model was the first one having an internal camstack that let you change up to 5 different stitch “on the fly”. Unfortunately the ZZ is a disk embedded as disk one of the camstack and is often torn by usage. About Vigorelli, I think I can remeber they bought another italian SM brand (Borletti) around 1972, then where bought by Necchi a few years later. Like Necchi, the production in Italy ceased in the ’80s and now they are all under Toyota, badging machines made by Brother first and Janohome right now…

  18. Mary Ellen Spillane Says:

    Sewfunky: Great name. Do you have any
    idea what a machine like the above is
    worth. Electric/all metal

  19. lynn Says:

    I have a Vigorelli sewing machine serial number 42381 1/20 h.p. 200/50 volts.univ. Does anybody know if it worth any money it is at least 40 years old.

    Thank you


  20. dolores norton Says:

    I have a Vigorelli ZZA and I need a cam. Anyone have one to sell?

  21. Lisa Says:

    I am looking for a manual for a Vigorelli E75 sewing machine. Any help would truly be appreciated! I just recieved it from a friend who was going to throw it away so i thought I would see if it is useable.

  22. Dave T Says:

    Just bought a Vigorelli ZZ Robot with no accessories. Anyone have any spare accessories they’d like to sell?

  23. Sally Says:

    I have a Vigorelli Max3000. Seems to be in good working order. It was given to me but the bobin case is missing and I would like to have it cleaned and serviced. Cannot check it out without bobin and bobin case. Does anyone know where I could get a bobin case and an instruction book for this model.
    Thanks, Sally

  24. esmerelda Says:

    I have a vigorelli , have never come across another,that is,orange and white and has ,sewlei printed on the front,and E96,on the back. I picked it up from a French car boot sale.for 5 euros,it needs a service and a clean.I would like manual for it,thisbeing on of the reason,im writingand for some info,about it,possibly, maybe?

  25. Nancy Says:

    Anyone has a manual in English for Vigorelli Maxi 4000 sewing machine please



  27. Ana C Says:

    Hi all! I am about to receive a Vigoreli VZA-6. And I know nothig about sewing, but I really want to learn. Does anybody know where I can find a manual or more informaton about this machine? Thanks!

  28. Dale Says:

    Hi all, I just came across a vigorelli zz/a robot that has the dial for changing the cams instead of a lever. It is in great shape but the metal gear that the plastic cams ride on has 4 teeth broken. If anyone has the metal gear they would like to sell please get ahold of me. I would also like to buy some accessories if anyone has them as mine idnt come with any. thanks

  29. Carole Henares Says:

    I found a Vigorelli Lido Automatic at my local flea market. It was completely stuck and so off to be repaired. He charged $150 and I am still having problems with the thread catching into the bobbin, but when it sews it is amazing also, came with all the attachments and the book of instructions. Have no idea what it is worth. It is aqua with a large food petal, the case has a small table top piece also.

  30. ANNIE Says:


  31. sonia Says:

    to any one out there that has a vigorelli maxi 3000 im looking for a manual. pls send me info at

    thank you.

  32. susan Says:

    where in South Africa can i find parts for a Vigorelli MAXI 3000.

  33. Bonnie Says:

    For anyone looking for information/manuals for a Vigorelli, there is a Yahoo Group where people with those machines gather to exchange information. I have a Robot and was able to get a manual free from there. The group name is borlettivigorelli.

  34. Brenda Says:

    To anyone with a Vigorelli Sewing Machine, they were made in Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil. My ex-husband was employed by Vigorelli 1963-1965, but we went there to produce an outboard motor for which they purchased the plans from a British company, BRD. Vigorelli sewing machines were an exact copy of the Singer sewing machines, with modifications kept up-to-date. Vigorelli do Brazil is no longer in business.

  35. Marquito Says:

    Have you found the model number/name?

  36. Petre Says:

    Hi Im looking for the peddal and power cord for a Maxi 7500, anybody know where i could find parts?

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