is it spring yet…

March 5, 2008

it’s what everyone is wondering.. will the snow ever be gone?

Well we had a good week of the stomach flu at our house.. thank goodness I didn’t get it!  But it was a long week of caring for sick children and a sick husband.  I didn’t get a lot of sewing done as I had to sit within arms reach of currently puking child, but I did get a lot of late night knitting done.  I am finally done those soaker pants!  Well I would more call them capris.. I was getting a short attention span..haha

In Sewfunky news, I shipped off our first order to a new retailer in the Netherlands, she has many great carriers and breastfeeding gear and I’m so happy to have my slings being sold in Europe to a retailer who feels so strongly about natural parenting. 

world mother

World Mother’s Bag made with soft brown corduroy and lined with hemp!


A sweet Waldorf mermaid with Noro Wool for her hair and top.  She has a cotton velveteen tail and local wool stuffing!

More pictures to come soon of new stuff!


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