My sister Leslie

December 19, 2008

Those of you who know me probably have heard.  My youngest sister Leslie was diagnosed with acute leukemia on Wednesday, December 10th.  She has started a blog of her journey to getting well from her hospital bed in the oncology clinic where she is undergoing chemotherapy. 

Please take the time to leave her a comment.  Think of how much a kind word, a touch, a smile can mean to someone facing a huge battle.  Knowing there are people praying for you, thinking of you and sending you positive energy can make the world of difference when you need it.

eta : Leslie decided to make her blog private right now, so you can leave a comment to her on this post if you like and I will pass it on.

My sister is an amazing woman, she is kind and compassionate, she loves animals and children, she helps everyone she can.  She feels passionate about the environment and devoted her career to helping children.   She is the kind of woman that children adore, ready to play and have fun at any time.  Leslie has a whole house filled with pets that she loves dearly.  This next few weeks in the hospital, away from her husband and her family and her home will not be easy.  I just want her to know that we are all right there with her, supporting her every step of the way until she is back home again.


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