the end of march already….

March 31, 2009

 I was so very busy in March preparing for the Stitch N Kitsch Spring Show & Sale. I had a great day, it’s always so nice to see old friends and new, and meet lots of mamas with bellies and babies! There were so many beautiful things there as well, we have so much amazing local talent 🙂

stitch n kitsch

Spring has come with so many blessings, my sister is in remission, for more we could not ask. I am so glad she is on her way to being well, she still has a lot of treatments ahead of her but she is such a fighter, we are all so proud of how strong she has been through all of this. Thank you to all of you for your kind words, prayers and thoughts.

We have no snow left and the kids and I have been out on our bikes and getting fresh air, time for me to shed my hibernation pounds! ha ha ha

Sewfunky Waldorf Doll

I have a few more dolls made, you can find them on my site or on etsy

Sewfunky Waldorf Doll

Stay tuned… this week I am going to post a Sewfunky Sling Give-Away to celebrate Spring!

Sewfunky Waldorf Babies


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