summer has come and gone..

September 19, 2009

I am not a good blogger, I know this.. life is so busy its hard to take the time to sit and write.

This summer has been no exception, 2 beautiful weddings, new babies, lots and lots of slings were made, many days at the park.  I spent much of the summer following my kids around the neighborhood, as they found eggs from our friend’s chickens, picked raspberries and rode their bikes around the block.  We are lucky to have a park nearby with a wading pool so many afternoons were spent with friends.

This summer my business has grown, new stores and new customers, also a lot of great new prints!  I almost wish I had a baby so I could wear a fancy new sling 😉  I will have to live vicariously through my friends and their new babies.  It has been such a pleasure having a new little person to get to know and be a part of her special first hours & days.  Such a familiar sweetness in having a new baby snuggled up to you in a sling!  

This summer I have also made many, many bonnets.  These beautiful babies look so sweet!

Sewfunky Sun Bonnet

Sewfunky SUn Bonnet Lily in Garden Tour

Ems in her garden tour bonnet


This is another sweet babe born this summer and snuggled up with her amazing midwife Mama :

Sewfunky Carnival Bloom Designer Organic Baby Sling

* photo courtesy of Danielle at  Rabbat Photography

I have also had the time to make a few dolls this summer and was sent this beautiful picture :

Mina & Ava

This little girl is such a dolly herself, what a beautiful child and I’m so happy she loves her  ‘Ava’ doll.  It’s quite amazing how much alike they look!  This picture warms my heart ❤

I have also been working really hard at getting organized, sorting through what we need and what we don’t.  It’s been hard, many years of having small children and lots of stuff has gotten mixed up in this house.  We were able to clean out and paint the kids bedrooms which we havent done since we lived here, so nice and bright now!  One day we will get to my turqoise bedroom, soon I hope!  We have a garden full of tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs to eat up before the frost comes.

Here is some more random shots from summer :

butterfly 021-2

a golden chrysalis – pure magic!

butterfly 060-1

my little butterfly pixie!

northbay09 151-1

My youngest sister and I this summer, it was so nice to have a visit with family and all the kids played so well together.

This year has also been filled with a lot of worry.  My sister is very sick, she has relapsed and had a lot of ups and downs in her care since being re-admitted.  Worry has been all consuming for our family and there has been days when the ache in my heart has been unbearable.  She has been so strong through all of this and it has been so hard on her to be away from home.  She recently transferred care to another hospital, we’re hoping new doctors can look at her case with fresh eyes and offer better quality of care.  The hard part is she is now further from home and family but it’s what needs to be done to get her well.  Any positive thoughts you can send her way would be so appreciated.  Something everyone can do to help is to donate blood, so much is needed by so many.

Well so much to do before bed, Saturdays are always busy, market, running errands, and dance class tomorrow, and two celebrations to go to, so glad I squeezed in a nap today because there will be no rest tomorrow!


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