More February birthday dolls!

February 26, 2010

This month I have had the pleasure of making two birthday presents for two little boys!  I don’t often make boy dolls as the majority of my orders are for girls.  I think sometimes people forget that boys like dolls too!  They can learn to much nurturing their own ‘baby’ to help get prepared for a new sibling.  I love seeing tiny tots slinging their doll babies, it is so sweet how they ‘get it’  and know exactly how to use the sling after spending their first years in one!

Mothering magazine posted a great online  article about boys having dolls, a must read for dads.

   sewfunky waldorf doll  

The first doll has terracotta skin an a blend of silk/wool and mohair locks.  He has bright green eyes and a sweet smile.  He went to a sweet boy for his second birthday, his mama is expecting a new baby this summer.  The second doll has soy-wool-mohair mixture in his hair, with fair skin and pale blue eyes.  He has a tunic top with funky mushroom print and corduroy pants.  I love the fabric and I’m already daydreaming about what I will make for M with it!

M has been a streak of unicorn art, she has been drawing up a storm.  Her latest works including unicorns giving birth which she proudly gave to her teacher..  oo yes.. that’s my girl 😉


A faerie mama with her baby in a sling riding a purple unicorn of course~

I love kid art, the problem is : how do you store and hang on to the art of children times four!  I have been trying to make them scrapbooks for each year and filter through the keep pile but I have quite the collection now!

This is some anonymous wall art I found this week.. no one will confess to this masterpiece, maybe I should check the fingerprint?



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