Holiday Waldorf Dolls

December 25, 2010












These are the dolls I made for the holiday season!  I didn’t realize there were so many until I went looking for pictures 😉  They were all made in November and December and the last one wasn’t finished until 4pm on Christmas Eve!  I’m looking forward to a little doll making break this week as I spend time with my family and tidy up my sewing studio!  It has been a crazy fall-winter with lots of work, chaos, craft shows, renovation and challenging times.  I’m looking forward to a peaceful January and hopefully a holiday nap!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! 


2 Responses to “Holiday Waldorf Dolls”

  1. B. Anna Says:

    Wow so many beautiful dolls! I would love to learn this technique. I read what I could find about it on the net and just recently purchased some “how to” books. I love how all your dolls turned out. Fabulous job!

  2. Love these. I have only made one, and that was years ago, but have supplies on order to make some new ones. Bookmarking this for inspiration!

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