Every Day is Earth Day!

April 21, 2012

~*~ Happy Earth Day ~*~


In celebration of Earth Day I am going to have a contest for a free Sewfunky Organic Cotton Adjustable Baby Sling.

I have a beautiful new organic sling print for the give-away that I can’t wait to show you!

Thank you for shopping local, fairly-made and organic!

Sewfunky Sling Give-Away 2012



The winner of the Every Day is Earth Day contest is comment #24 – Holly!

please email me your mailing address!

To enter please leave a comment on this blog entry about one of the many amazing benefits of  ‘babywearing’ and share our Sewfunky Facebook page with your friends!

Don’t forget to leave your email in the post so I am able to contact you or check back on the draw date.

Entries will be accepted until Sunday April 29, 2012 at noon and I will draw names from a hat, later that day.

This give-away is open to everyone!

A gift for yourself or an expecting friend 🙂

Join the Sewfunky Fan Page on Facebook to be in the loop for updates on all of our great products and events! 

We love to see your pictures of happy babies in their Sewfunky Slings!

(don’t worry if you’re post doesn’t show right away – i have to approve them)


44 Responses to “Every Day is Earth Day!”

  1. hillaryg Says:

    for me best part of babywearing is smelling a babies sweet smell as you walk around on your journeys kissing there heads along the way 😉

  2. Lisa Says:

    My favorite thing is being able to get some housework done while my little guy stays close and happy!

  3. sheilanorthcott Says:

    One of the benefits for me is keeping my baby close and happy while keeping up with my older kids.

  4. jesse buchanan Says:

    My fav benifit is a happy cozy baby bonus is its hands free 🙂

  5. Lucy Goddard Says:

    There are so many reasons that I love wearing my kids! I think one of my favorites is the grocery store benefits: it helps to keep random strangers from touching my babies and it keeps them happy and quiet while I shop! (Especially handy during cold and flu season!)

  6. Nat Ramsay Says:

    The most obvious benefit I notice with baby-wearing is the peace of mind I see in both mama and baby. It just looks so natural, where baby is supposed to be.

  7. I love wearing my babies because it allows them to be close to me yet completely involved in whatever adventure/outing/action is happening within our family.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    I love wearing my babies because it allows them to be involved with whatever our family is doing, yet allows them to maintain the closeness and connection they need with Mama!

  9. Amanda van de Pol Says:

    I love my sewfunky ring sling! It saves my back when my little one just wants to be carried around. It saves me from lugging the baby car seat around. It helps carry some of the weight of my 3 year old on my hip. My husband will wear it. And the best is being able to discreetly nurse while walking around! Comfortably!! Thanks so much Sewfunky!

  10. Hope Says:

    Oh I love my sling and baby wearing. The best part is the cuddles when my little one falls asleep in the sling and knowing she’s safe and secure no matter were we are or what we are doing (grocery shopping, housework, walking to get te mail). She is such a happy baby all the time I truly believe that wearing her so much in the sling, especially early on, has made out bond extremely strong and has contributed to her being so happy and feeling so secure in knowing I’m always there for her 🙂

  11. Kara Smith Says:

    My favorite benefit of babywearing is being able to get things done while cuddling my sweet guy. I honestly don’t know how moms function without wearing their babies!

  12. Charly sayer Says:

    The biggest benefit for us is my baby girl gets to be close and be comforted by my touch even if I’m in the middle of making dinner or doing dishes! I love doing boring chores with a sweet snugly babe strapped to me 🙂 It makes it much more enjoyable!

  13. Sarah H Says:

    My favourite benefits of baby wearing include: having free hands, being able to kiss your baby at any/all times, and being able to breastfeed on the go.

  14. Michelle Lynch Says:

    Love babywearing! Keeps them close to your heart where they should be:) My little guy sleeps so well in his carrier and when he’s awake he enjoys the view from up high:)

  15. Cara Peacey Says:

    I LOVE babywearing. I babywear everytime my daughter and I go out. Its hands free, comforting, calming, and you can breastfeed too! 🙂

  16. So soothing for newborns with colic, and mommys arms get a rest with the benefit of keeping your little one close. Such a wonderful bonding time.

  17. mmmorgans Says:

    I love that my baby is so happy and calm when I’m wearing him. I get compliments all the time about what a good baby he is and I’m certain it’s from all the extra bonding time we have through baby wearing 🙂 Not to mention, it’s nice to have free hands all the time, cooking, cleaning, it’s so much easier when they are strapped to you!

  18. Erin P. Says:

    The best part of babywearing is being close enough to hear my baby’s sigh of contentment just before she falls asleep cuddling up to me. 🙂

  19. Michelle Hattle Says:

    Increasing bond and ease of brestfeeding.

  20. Jenn Says:

    Babywearing is currently keeping my youngest less squished by her older sister! LOL.

  21. Melvina Says:

    I have 2 older children (3 and 6) so beingable to carry the youngest (7 weeks) would be very helpful in getting everything done around the house without worrying about her :D. that and it may help in getting rid of the bit of baby weight I have yet to loose.

  22. Krista Says:

    Babywearing has helped stopped many meltdowns!

  23. Chris Says:

    Baby is happy and content to be close. It’s a familiar place to be even when you’re in an unfamiliar place.

  24. Holly Says:

    The womb-like environment that it creates for baby is amazing. An added benefit is that it helps prevent baby from being passed around as it sends a message that baby is happiest snuggled with mama 🙂

  25. Chelsea Says:

    The biggest benefit is keeping baby where baby should be. Close to mom as much as possible.

  26. breanne Says:

    Babywearing keeps Baby content and secure. Less crying and more smiles!!

  27. Kristine Says:

    happy baby and happy older children who get a mom with available hands!

  28. kiltering Says:

    I can’t wait to keep our first baby safe and cozy in a sling this fall. The little one will feel mama’s heartbeat and breathing, and will feel so loved and protected as they grow.

  29. Jenny Love Says:

    There are so many truly amazing benefits of babywearing, one of my favourites is also the simplest. I love feeling my baby’s sweet breath & warm body when she is being worn. Makes it so easy to be in tune with her even when I am busy with her big sisters.

  30. goingec Says:

    I love holding my baby while having my hands free to hold the hands of my older two children!

  31. tboc Says:

    I can’t wait to babywear again & have my baby close plus still have my hands free to tend to my older daughter ❤

  32. Meg Says:

    One amazing benefit of baby wearing is the freedom to bring your baby everywhere conveniently ! We’ve taken our baby while baby wearing on airplanes several times, Europe, out west and to the states, we travel a lot and still wear our 2 year old. We’ve also taken her to weddings, parties and all night events! She is a part of us, and thus, she travels ‘wear’ we go;)

  33. goingec Says:

    I love that I can hold my baby and hold the hands of my older two children also!

  34. Sandra ward Says:

    The one benefit of wearing my baby on my along is that it just makes every single day easier! I find that no matter what I am doing it us easier with the sling, entertaining her, getting her to sleep, keeping her brother and dog off of her etc… Sling=easier!

  35. pamela Says:

    Being heart to heart and looking at the eyes staring up at me – the warmth, the connection.

  36. Jane Says:

    With my first, baby wearing was really the only time she didn’t cry! She felt comfortable and safe, and i got a break while she slept. With my second, it was the best way to get around town – we take the bus and strollers are a hassle (plus he cried every time he was in his stroller!). I am guessing the best thing about baby wearing my third will be bonding, keeping up with the other two, and keeping baby safe from her 17 month old brother!

  37. marthacoolcat Says:

    I love being able to hug my little guy while being able to do stuff.

  38. Wearing my baby is the best way to get him to have a nap when he is wound up. He curls right up and relaxes to the sound of my heart beat. He clings to me like a baby monkey, safe and secure on his mother’s breast. Also, I love being able to nurse him on the go!

  39. Candice Groves Says:

    I would say that one of my favorite reasons for wearing is being able to get out of the house. We do alot of walking in the woods & park, not always great places for the stroller.

  40. Kendyll Says:

    My baby girl loves to be worn!! She feels safe and secure, and it provides good stimulation for her!! Hope I win!!!!!

  41. raew28 Says:

    Being able to shop without having to maneouver a ginormous stroller around is so nice! And having little one nice and close, without people poking and touching while you’re out is great too.

  42. raew28 Says:

    I loved babywearing for the market or smaller shops – so nice to be able to get around without trying to maneuver a large stroller!

  43. colleen Says:

    I love having my hands free and my baby snuggled right up against me. I miss her on the rare occasions that we use a stroller!

  44. ashley Says:

    i love having my hands free and being able to have a baby snuggled up close with me and not having to push a stoller around is great i love baby wearing

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