Real vs FakeThe salt water test.

Real vs Fake
The salt water test.

I’ve seen the topic come up lately a lot on facebook and I thought I would put our amber to the test.
One of the simplest ways to test amber for authenticity is the ‘Salt Water Test’
Take 2 cups warm water and add 1/4 cup salt and stir until well dissolved.  Place loose amber beads in the salt water solution and if they are real they will float at the top.  To compare I also filled a glass with warm water with no salt and tried the amber there, it immediately sank to the bottom.

I was still curious (I love science!)  So i took 2 small red plastic Legos and put them in the solution.  They behaved opposite to the amber, sinking in the salt water and floating in the regular water.

The downfall to doing this test on your own necklace is that the wet silk string and plastic screw may make it sink a little bit so it works best with loose beads.  But you will still be able to notice a dramatic difference between the two even with an intact necklace.

Using necklaces vs loose beads.

Using necklaces vs loose beads.

I’m sure there is a lot of fake amber out there, but it’s likely the very expensive pieces that often have insects inside of them that sell for hundreds of dollars in comparison to the tiny beads used for teething necklaces.

At Sewfunky I am proud to sell genuine Baltic Amber for you and your little ones, you can read more about how it works on our website.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces


Sewfunky Amber Give-Away

July 25, 2010

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Sewfunky Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber provides natural pain releif for teething babies, toddlers and children.  Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing of wounds making it perfect for a teething baby or toddler.

When a child is wearing amber it warms to their skin releasing healing oils from the amber resin which is absorbed into the skin.  Amber is not a stone, so it is light and warms to the touch and comfortable to wear.  Children wearing amber is an old custom in Europe and the Far East as it is well known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  Amber has an analgesic property which makes it a safe non-intrusive way to calm a baby without resorting to drugs.  Traditional beaded amber necklaces are a helpful way to deal with the unpleasant side affects of teething, upset tummy, fever, ear aches and colds.

These necklaces are made using genuine Baltic Amber strung on matching silk thread.  Each bead is knotted in between, so even if the necklace were to be torn only one bead would come off to prevent choking hazard.   The beads are small and light and therefore too small to choke on.  If a child were to swallow one bead it would not be harmful as it is not poisonous.  The clasp of the necklace is an amber bead with a twist screw closure. 

Please do not leave your baby unattended while wearing an amber necklace.  Remove for naptime and bedtime.  You are responsible for the safety of your child while wearing an amber necklace.  This necklace is not intended for chewing on.

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