End of winter round up!

March 10, 2012

I am so excited to be part of a Canadian Artisan Feature over at Little Wool Maus!  Stop by her lovely blog to read more about natural family living, motherhood, delicious recipes and amazing sewing projects.  She just gave birth to her second baby, so exciting!  She also wrote about her Sewfunky Sling when she had her first baby, such beautiful pictures!

This is the time of year where I get organized for upcoming shows,  just 5 weeks until Stitch ‘n’ Kitsch!  Hard to image we are that close to Spring, I’m so excited!  I’m picking out so many new fabrics for bonnets and sweet dresses!  There is also a bunch of new sling prints available for 2012 with more to come.  Just waiting to hear back from another show I applied to.

We also have lots of excitement in our own backyard, now that the foundation has been mended we can start some serious gardening.  Last summer our whole garden was chaos and concrete, with many hours of digging, jackhammering, wheelbarrowing to make it ready to move forward.  Now with a dry basement our gardening ideas are no longer on hold.   Herbs, lettuce, kale, tomatos, peas and radishes, so excited!  I hope my irises and strawberries survived being in pots all winter!

Yesterday we finally restocked all the Baltic Amber Necklaces, lots to choose from – and more are arriving next week, matching necklaces for Mama and baby bracelets/anklets too!  They go fast, so if you have a teething baby send me an email!

Sewfunky Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Well I’m off to sew, trying to get the jump on Spring, it will be here before you know it!


Baby Molly Auction

January 31, 2011

Please take a few minutes to visit the amazing Fundraiser Auction for Molly Campbell held by the kind-hearted Christina at Bamboletta Dolls

You will have the option of bidding on many beautiful handmade items or donating directly with all proceeds to be give to the Baby Molly Trust.

Molly was diagnosed with leukemia at one month old just before Christmas.  She is the youngest of five children for the Campbell family.

I know all too well of the struggles this family is facing right now.  It is the exact same type of leukemia that my sister Leslie so bravely battled.

When I think of how much it helped all of us, to know people were supporting her fight, giving what they could to help us through, it made the world of difference.  To have a meal, a place to stay, childcare, a ride helped so much to enable my family to be with my sister as much as possible.  The financial worry is immense in a time like this and your auction donation will help them so much!

I was honoured to donate something I made in my sister’s memory to help out this family.  If you would like to donate directly you can here, or you can bid on the many items up for auction.

Some of the many things available are :

 Beautiful Waldorf Dolls made by the talented Bamboletta Team :

Heart for Molly

Many hand-knit with love items :

Owl Doll Hat - (MF1)

Handmade clothing for both dolls and children :

Wool Felt Fairy Dress - by Refresh (AL1)

Hand crafted Wooden Toys :

Wooden Sewing Machine - Wood Clinic

Matching Mama & Child Organic Slings

New Baby Set! by Sew Funky!

and SO much more.


Bamboletta and friends raised over $23,000 for the Campbell Family!

More February birthday dolls!

February 26, 2010

This month I have had the pleasure of making two birthday presents for two little boys!  I don’t often make boy dolls as the majority of my orders are for girls.  I think sometimes people forget that boys like dolls too!  They can learn to much nurturing their own ‘baby’ to help get prepared for a new sibling.  I love seeing tiny tots slinging their doll babies, it is so sweet how they ‘get it’  and know exactly how to use the sling after spending their first years in one!

Mothering magazine posted a great online  article about boys having dolls, a must read for dads.

   sewfunky waldorf doll  

The first doll has terracotta skin an a blend of silk/wool and mohair locks.  He has bright green eyes and a sweet smile.  He went to a sweet boy for his second birthday, his mama is expecting a new baby this summer.  The second doll has soy-wool-mohair mixture in his hair, with fair skin and pale blue eyes.  He has a tunic top with funky mushroom print and corduroy pants.  I love the fabric and I’m already daydreaming about what I will make for M with it!

M has been a streak of unicorn art, she has been drawing up a storm.  Her latest works including unicorns giving birth which she proudly gave to her teacher..  oo yes.. that’s my girl 😉


A faerie mama with her baby in a sling riding a purple unicorn of course~

I love kid art, the problem is : how do you store and hang on to the art of children times four!  I have been trying to make them scrapbooks for each year and filter through the keep pile but I have quite the collection now!

This is some anonymous wall art I found this week.. no one will confess to this masterpiece, maybe I should check the fingerprint?