Every Day is Earth Day!

April 21, 2012

~*~ Happy Earth Day ~*~


In celebration of Earth Day I am going to have a contest for a free Sewfunky Organic Cotton Adjustable Baby Sling.

I have a beautiful new organic sling print for the give-away that I can’t wait to show you!

Thank you for shopping local, fairly-made and organic!

Sewfunky Sling Give-Away 2012



The winner of the Every Day is Earth Day contest is comment #24 – Holly!

please email me your mailing address!

To enter please leave a comment on this blog entry about one of the many amazing benefits of  ‘babywearing’ and share our Sewfunky Facebook page with your friends!

Don’t forget to leave your email in the post so I am able to contact you or check back on the draw date.

Entries will be accepted until Sunday April 29, 2012 at noon and I will draw names from a hat, later that day.

This give-away is open to everyone!

A gift for yourself or an expecting friend 🙂

Join the Sewfunky Fan Page on Facebook to be in the loop for updates on all of our great products and events! 

We love to see your pictures of happy babies in their Sewfunky Slings!

(don’t worry if you’re post doesn’t show right away – i have to approve them)


End of winter round up!

March 10, 2012

I am so excited to be part of a Canadian Artisan Feature over at Little Wool Maus!  Stop by her lovely blog to read more about natural family living, motherhood, delicious recipes and amazing sewing projects.  She just gave birth to her second baby, so exciting!  She also wrote about her Sewfunky Sling when she had her first baby, such beautiful pictures!

This is the time of year where I get organized for upcoming shows,  just 5 weeks until Stitch ‘n’ Kitsch!  Hard to image we are that close to Spring, I’m so excited!  I’m picking out so many new fabrics for bonnets and sweet dresses!  There is also a bunch of new sling prints available for 2012 with more to come.  Just waiting to hear back from another show I applied to.

We also have lots of excitement in our own backyard, now that the foundation has been mended we can start some serious gardening.  Last summer our whole garden was chaos and concrete, with many hours of digging, jackhammering, wheelbarrowing to make it ready to move forward.  Now with a dry basement our gardening ideas are no longer on hold.   Herbs, lettuce, kale, tomatos, peas and radishes, so excited!  I hope my irises and strawberries survived being in pots all winter!

Yesterday we finally restocked all the Baltic Amber Necklaces, lots to choose from – and more are arriving next week, matching necklaces for Mama and baby bracelets/anklets too!  They go fast, so if you have a teething baby send me an email!

Sewfunky Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Well I’m off to sew, trying to get the jump on Spring, it will be here before you know it!

Spring Give-Away

March 15, 2011

Well it has been a crazy winter, no time for blogging so just a quick note!  I will do a winter wrap up later this week, I promise!

But first our Sewfunky Spring Give-Away!

Sewfunky Baby Slings

Promote Your Page Too

Please visit our Facebook Fan Page to find out more about our contest.

  After a long winter I am SO excited for Spring that I would like to host a Give-Away! This contest is for all the expecting Mamas – to enter please comment on the Facebook Page on the contest announcement post with the month you are due & your favourite Designer Organic Sling.

Sewfunky Designer Organic Baby Sling Laughing Leaf on Black

Sewfunky Designer Organic Baby Sling Laughing Leaf on Black

 On Sunday March 20th @ 8pm I will choose 2 winners with a random number generator & announce it on Facebook! Please share the Babywearing LOVE with your pregnant or adopting friends! 

Sewfunky Panda Wrap

Sewfunky PandaWrap

As an added way to win, the comment with the most ‘likes’ gets a Sewfunky PandaWrap!

Spread the word!

Contest has ended – Congratulations Kate, Sara and Amanda!

Happy Spring!

Baby Molly Auction

January 31, 2011

Please take a few minutes to visit the amazing Fundraiser Auction for Molly Campbell held by the kind-hearted Christina at Bamboletta Dolls

You will have the option of bidding on many beautiful handmade items or donating directly with all proceeds to be give to the Baby Molly Trust.

Molly was diagnosed with leukemia at one month old just before Christmas.  She is the youngest of five children for the Campbell family.

I know all too well of the struggles this family is facing right now.  It is the exact same type of leukemia that my sister Leslie so bravely battled.

When I think of how much it helped all of us, to know people were supporting her fight, giving what they could to help us through, it made the world of difference.  To have a meal, a place to stay, childcare, a ride helped so much to enable my family to be with my sister as much as possible.  The financial worry is immense in a time like this and your auction donation will help them so much!

I was honoured to donate something I made in my sister’s memory to help out this family.  If you would like to donate directly you can here, or you can bid on the many items up for auction.

Some of the many things available are :

 Beautiful Waldorf Dolls made by the talented Bamboletta Team :

Heart for Molly

Many hand-knit with love items :

Owl Doll Hat - (MF1)

Handmade clothing for both dolls and children :

Wool Felt Fairy Dress - by Refresh (AL1)

Hand crafted Wooden Toys :

Wooden Sewing Machine - Wood Clinic

Matching Mama & Child Organic Slings

New Baby Set! by Sew Funky!

and SO much more.


Bamboletta and friends raised over $23,000 for the Campbell Family!

Summer is over already!

September 9, 2010

Well I dropped the ball on blogging this summer, so busy with a full house and a full plate.

Over the summer I made some dolls….

A Waldorf Pixie Doll for a little girl’s birthday ❤  She has beautiful fair trade Manos hair, a butterfly dress and hemp pants with cotton knits booties!


A birthday doll with silk hair and a tutu went off to a special girl. 

My friend and I made a doll together for her daughter’s birthday gift!

Making silk slings for new babies!  Silk is sooo beautiful!

I took my girl canoeing on the river, she had so much fun! 

I met lots of new babies and wonderful people over the summer.  I also recieved so many lovely babywearing pictures from amazing friends and customers!  I made a LOT of slings this summer and added two new stores to our retailer list.  Feeling so blessed to be working with so many amazing women promoting natural parenting!


We got in some beautiful fairy post cards for the website

And now on to fall… will be posting more soon!

Christina of Bamboletta Dolls is doing an amazing fundraiser auction with all proceeds going to benefit the MS Society. She has beautiful, handmade Canadian dolls up for grabs and some amazing accessory packages including :

Sewfunky Designer Organic Doll Slings!


Bamboletta is a small company based in British Columbia creating unique Waldorf Inspired Natural Dolls.  Each one is hand-crafted with love ❤    Be careful or else you will catch Bambo Fever like many of her fans! 

Christina raised ten thousand dollars for Haiti Releif to go to Doctors Without Borders this past January!


 Auction ends June 7, 2010, 11:00 pm EDT

Sewfunky Organic Designer Doll Sling 

The doll slings are always available on the Sewfunky site for custom order!

The first sling is a mini version of the designer collection Carnival Bloom on Espresso.

The second is certified organic cotton with a sweet gnome appliqued patch!



May 22, 2010

Our days are busy as always.. grateful for lots of nice weather and time outside.  M wanted to take her dolly bike riding so I sewed her a mini-mei-tai as she stood by my side eagerly waiting.  So cute! 


Losing teeth has been a weekly event around here.. seems like every 4 or 5 days someone has a tooth to put under their pillows… growing so fast!

M and her friend had so much fun wearing their daisy crowns.. we have people leaving quotes for lawn care all the time but we love our yellow flowers!

This year I got the best mother’s day card ever :
‘Mom You are so smart and awsome and you are good at showing (sewing) and you are the best mom in the world. Dear Mom, You are as cool as ice. I love you more than anything. You make me feel happy. I love you because you are mother nature. by B


This is one of of the dolls I made this past month, a mermaid with a purple velvet tail and rainbow silk wool hair.


This is another, she has amazing all silk neapolitan hair, so soft!

This one had amazing wool silk for hair spun by the Fleece Artist.  I love all her work and wish I could use it for all my dolls!  She went for a little one’s first birthday. 

I love making dolls, I wish I had more time to devote to it because I have so many dreamt up ideas in my head. 
Well that is most of my my past month.. May has gone by fast, spring has brought lots of new babies needing slings!

 Every day is ♥ Earth Day ♥

To thank all of you for buying locally made and organic I will be giving away one Sewfunky Designer Organic Ring Sling.

Enter to win by joining and sharing our Sewfunky fan page with your facebook friends or posting a picture with your Sewfunky Slings on the fan page wall.   If you blog you can also enter by posting the give-away on your blog.

Send in your name and email to – tanja (at) sewfunky.ca for your entry to be counted or post a comment on this entry.

I will draw a name on Friday, April 23rd at 8pm.

Thank you for all your entries !

Congratulations Caprice!!

Sewfunky Baby Sling - Geish Fan on Sweet Potato Certified Organic Cotton Twill


This was a special order for a first birthday present, she is extra special because friends and family contributed to her.  She has a raw silk sling with her own dolly baby and the birthday girl has dresses to match her new doll ❤  So cute!

summer has come and gone..

September 19, 2009

I am not a good blogger, I know this.. life is so busy its hard to take the time to sit and write.

This summer has been no exception, 2 beautiful weddings, new babies, lots and lots of slings were made, many days at the park.  I spent much of the summer following my kids around the neighborhood, as they found eggs from our friend’s chickens, picked raspberries and rode their bikes around the block.  We are lucky to have a park nearby with a wading pool so many afternoons were spent with friends.

This summer my business has grown, new stores and new customers, also a lot of great new prints!  I almost wish I had a baby so I could wear a fancy new sling 😉  I will have to live vicariously through my friends and their new babies.  It has been such a pleasure having a new little person to get to know and be a part of her special first hours & days.  Such a familiar sweetness in having a new baby snuggled up to you in a sling!  

This summer I have also made many, many bonnets.  These beautiful babies look so sweet!

Sewfunky Sun Bonnet

Sewfunky SUn Bonnet Lily in Garden Tour

Ems in her garden tour bonnet


This is another sweet babe born this summer and snuggled up with her amazing midwife Mama :

Sewfunky Carnival Bloom Designer Organic Baby Sling

* photo courtesy of Danielle at  Rabbat Photography

I have also had the time to make a few dolls this summer and was sent this beautiful picture :

Mina & Ava

This little girl is such a dolly herself, what a beautiful child and I’m so happy she loves her  ‘Ava’ doll.  It’s quite amazing how much alike they look!  This picture warms my heart ❤

I have also been working really hard at getting organized, sorting through what we need and what we don’t.  It’s been hard, many years of having small children and lots of stuff has gotten mixed up in this house.  We were able to clean out and paint the kids bedrooms which we havent done since we lived here, so nice and bright now!  One day we will get to my turqoise bedroom, soon I hope!  We have a garden full of tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs to eat up before the frost comes.

Here is some more random shots from summer :

butterfly 021-2

a golden chrysalis – pure magic!

butterfly 060-1

my little butterfly pixie!

northbay09 151-1

My youngest sister and I this summer, it was so nice to have a visit with family and all the kids played so well together.

This year has also been filled with a lot of worry.  My sister is very sick, she has relapsed and had a lot of ups and downs in her care since being re-admitted.  Worry has been all consuming for our family and there has been days when the ache in my heart has been unbearable.  She has been so strong through all of this and it has been so hard on her to be away from home.  She recently transferred care to another hospital, we’re hoping new doctors can look at her case with fresh eyes and offer better quality of care.  The hard part is she is now further from home and family but it’s what needs to be done to get her well.  Any positive thoughts you can send her way would be so appreciated.  Something everyone can do to help is to donate blood, so much is needed by so many.

Well so much to do before bed, Saturdays are always busy, market, running errands, and dance class tomorrow, and two celebrations to go to, so glad I squeezed in a nap today because there will be no rest tomorrow!