Almost done..

December 23, 2008

After a busy pre-holiday season I am looking forward to some rest and time to be with my family.  I can’t wait to go visit my sister after Christmas, I will feel so much better when I see her.
I just dropped off my last order for the season, a beautiful little doll for a holiday birthday.  I was so lucky to meet this sweet little baby when she was only a few days old and taught her mama how to use the PandaWrap and I feel very special that I got to make her birthday present for her first birthday.  Her doll has amazing bamboo/wool hair, it’s so soft, like silk and a wool knit dress.  We also sent along a cute little kid sling from us, so she can ‘wear her baby’ 
I still have presents to wrap and a sewing room to clean up and some baking to do.  Ooo and snow to shovel.. there is always snow to shovel.

Bamboo Panda Wraps

December 27, 2007

Sewfunky Panda Wrap©

The jersey fabric is made from 70%  bamboo 30% cotton fibre that is soft, silky and lustrous. It’s the perfect fabric to have next to a newborn baby’s skin! Bamboo fabric is light and strong and naturally wicks away moisture and has an antibacterial quality making it perfect for a wrap! Many people who have experienced allergic reactions to other natural fibres like wool and hemp will find they won’t have these issues with bamboo.

Each wrap is 5.5 metres in length and comes with instructions for you to learn to wear your baby. The centre is marked with our Sewfunky Label to make putting your wrap on much simpler! A wrap is truly the most secure way to carry your baby completely hands free.

The weight recommendation for these wraps is newborn to 20 pounds. You are welcome to continue using them up to 35 pounds but as your baby grows you will find that the jersey will stretch with your baby’s weight and you will have to re-tighten your wrap occasionally to have a comfy fit.

A stretchy soft wrap is ideal for premature babies needing skin to skin contact. Also a wrap is a safe way to carry baby upright and high your chest which most small babies prefer. Being upright helps a great deal with reflux or babies that have gas. Because a wrap is worn on both shoulders it is an excellent choice for those who have back or neck pain and makes you hands free with a newborn.

Each wrap is finished with silky soft stretchy serger thread!

This knit fabric is finished and dyed in a closed environmentally friendly facility. No dyes, bleaches or finishing residues are released into the environment.