Baby Molly Auction

January 31, 2011

Please take a few minutes to visit the amazing Fundraiser Auction for Molly Campbell held by the kind-hearted Christina at Bamboletta Dolls

You will have the option of bidding on many beautiful handmade items or donating directly with all proceeds to be give to the Baby Molly Trust.

Molly was diagnosed with leukemia at one month old just before Christmas.  She is the youngest of five children for the Campbell family.

I know all too well of the struggles this family is facing right now.  It is the exact same type of leukemia that my sister Leslie so bravely battled.

When I think of how much it helped all of us, to know people were supporting her fight, giving what they could to help us through, it made the world of difference.  To have a meal, a place to stay, childcare, a ride helped so much to enable my family to be with my sister as much as possible.  The financial worry is immense in a time like this and your auction donation will help them so much!

I was honoured to donate something I made in my sister’s memory to help out this family.  If you would like to donate directly you can here, or you can bid on the many items up for auction.

Some of the many things available are :

 Beautiful Waldorf Dolls made by the talented Bamboletta Team :

Heart for Molly

Many hand-knit with love items :

Owl Doll Hat - (MF1)

Handmade clothing for both dolls and children :

Wool Felt Fairy Dress - by Refresh (AL1)

Hand crafted Wooden Toys :

Wooden Sewing Machine - Wood Clinic

Matching Mama & Child Organic Slings

New Baby Set! by Sew Funky!

and SO much more.


Bamboletta and friends raised over $23,000 for the Campbell Family!


Holiday Waldorf Dolls

December 25, 2010












These are the dolls I made for the holiday season!  I didn’t realize there were so many until I went looking for pictures 😉  They were all made in November and December and the last one wasn’t finished until 4pm on Christmas Eve!  I’m looking forward to a little doll making break this week as I spend time with my family and tidy up my sewing studio!  It has been a crazy fall-winter with lots of work, chaos, craft shows, renovation and challenging times.  I’m looking forward to a peaceful January and hopefully a holiday nap!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! 

December 4, 2009

Tomorrow you can find me at the Stitch ‘n’  Kitsch Handmade Holiday Sale in Waterloo!

And now back to the last minute crunch, 24 hours til showtime 😉


February 5, 2009



It’s very cold here, about -20 degrees.. we have been spending a lot of time indoors snuggled up in blankets.  These are two sweet little dolls I made for two sisters birthday gifts.  They have beautifully soft alpaca wool hair.

Waldorf Mermaid Doll

Waldorf Mermaid Doll

This mermaid is one I started working on in December, she has beautiful hair.. slub wool and bits of handspun beauty blended in.



M has been busy needle felting.. mushrooms of course 😉  We all spent a few days with sore bellies sleeping the day away on the couch.  Of course M got better first and wanted to keep busy!

sewfunky doll sling

sewfunky doll sling

Perfect for Valentine’s Day ❤

This is a cranberry hemp adjustable doll sling with an appliqued tie-dyed heart (tie-dying by Julia of course) modelled by my reluctant little princess and her snow leopard that we have to take everywhere 😉

This month is M’s 5th birthday she is wanting a special mermaid doll with pink and purple hair and blue and purple eyes.. I have the perfect handspun wool for it and I’m looking forward to making it.  I also have some beautiful new sling fabric’s that I just need to take photos of to get up on my website.  If only I had a baby to model them with or a mannequin that actually stood upright!  Stay warm everyone 🙂

Almost done..

December 23, 2008

After a busy pre-holiday season I am looking forward to some rest and time to be with my family.  I can’t wait to go visit my sister after Christmas, I will feel so much better when I see her.
I just dropped off my last order for the season, a beautiful little doll for a holiday birthday.  I was so lucky to meet this sweet little baby when she was only a few days old and taught her mama how to use the PandaWrap and I feel very special that I got to make her birthday present for her first birthday.  Her doll has amazing bamboo/wool hair, it’s so soft, like silk and a wool knit dress.  We also sent along a cute little kid sling from us, so she can ‘wear her baby’ 
I still have presents to wrap and a sewing room to clean up and some baking to do.  Ooo and snow to shovel.. there is always snow to shovel.