Shisha Embroidery Tutorial

January 7, 2008

Well I will try for better pictures but here is what I have for now :

step 1

step 2

step 3

You can find the mirrors for embroidering in craft shops often where they have rhine stones etc.. i lucked out and found real glass ones recently, as usually I find plasticky ones.   I was lucky enough once to have my friend bring me back a bag of hand cut mirrors from India and every now and then I find some in my craft stuff.  I love mirror embroidery, it is by far my favourite.  With a little practice you will find it easy once you understand how to start.  You can also use fancy coins, round beads, or shells. smooth stones.. sometimes I add a bit of glue first if it is something really slippery.

Once you have it figured out its a beautiful way to embellish things, this is a pillow I made for my sister years ago with cotton velveteen, some featherstitching and a handful of mirrors:

Mirror Embroider

I found this excellent tutorial here :

This is the version of shisha stitch most often used on Indian textiles. The foundation stitches do not have to be neat, but they do need to be tight, and not too close to the edge of the shisha. If the stitching is loose, or too close to the edge, the shisha may drop out.
1 Work a foundation of four straight stitches over the shisha glass (figs a and b).
2 Work four more stitches across the first four, as shown (fig. c).
3 Now bring the needle up alongside the shisha, pass the needle under the foundation threads, with the thread under the needle (as though it is a blanket stitch). Make a small stitch alongside the mirror, with the thread under the needle again and pull tight (fig d).
4 Pass the needle under the foundation threads, with the thread under the needle as before. This time, when making the small stitch alongside the mirror, stitch into the previous loop stitch (fig.e).


Holiday Craft Time

December 30, 2007

Well with a few days off I had time to indulge in some relaxing crafty-ness for fun..

Bendy fairies for my little girl and some shisha embroidery on velvet that will become a bag I think! Well back to my regularly scheduled sewing madness, now that my sewing room is finally clean after the holiday chaos 😉