August 9, 2011

With all the mayhem of summer I haven’t had a chance to even think about posting!  We have been so busy with so many different things its been hard to keep up.

Our family had a great time at the Hillside Festival at Guelph Lake in July.  It’s always nice to see old friends and meet new ones and talk to customers in person and see their sweet babies!  It was super hot that weekend and we ate a lot of organic ice cream – YUM 

I made lots of lovely dresses and bonnets for the little girls.  Plus I also made a bunch of wrap skirts, halter tops and dresses for women.  It was really nice to get back into clothing making and get creative.

I feel so lucky to have caught a bit of this performance on Sunday night:
Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

It was amazing!

I also got to see a tiny bit of Shad perform but it was next to impossible to even get into the tent because it was packed!

I also snuck away from the booth and caught a bit of Ganga Giri :







May 22, 2010

Our days are busy as always.. grateful for lots of nice weather and time outside.  M wanted to take her dolly bike riding so I sewed her a mini-mei-tai as she stood by my side eagerly waiting.  So cute! 


Losing teeth has been a weekly event around here.. seems like every 4 or 5 days someone has a tooth to put under their pillows… growing so fast!

M and her friend had so much fun wearing their daisy crowns.. we have people leaving quotes for lawn care all the time but we love our yellow flowers!

This year I got the best mother’s day card ever :
‘Mom You are so smart and awsome and you are good at showing (sewing) and you are the best mom in the world. Dear Mom, You are as cool as ice. I love you more than anything. You make me feel happy. I love you because you are mother nature. by B


This is one of of the dolls I made this past month, a mermaid with a purple velvet tail and rainbow silk wool hair.


This is another, she has amazing all silk neapolitan hair, so soft!

This one had amazing wool silk for hair spun by the Fleece Artist.  I love all her work and wish I could use it for all my dolls!  She went for a little one’s first birthday. 

I love making dolls, I wish I had more time to devote to it because I have so many dreamt up ideas in my head. 
Well that is most of my my past month.. May has gone by fast, spring has brought lots of new babies needing slings!

a chick named easter

April 16, 2010

We live on a pretty amazing block.. many older Italian couples who have been farming their yards for years.. chickens, rabbits and amazing, unbeleivable gardens.  Plum trees, cherry trees, strawberries and raspberries all over our neighborhood.    The kids spend much of their days foraging for berries.. collecting eggs.. picking tomatos.  I can’t wait for fresh backyard food! 

We are lucky to also have friends on our block, a beautiful couple with two little girls.  Their kindness and compassion is so inspiring and I feel fortunate to know them.  They have an amazing vision for their backyard and my kids love to be there, helping and playing every day.  Their newest addition is some baby chicks.. it goes withouts saying that M is captivated… she thought the chickens were great.. but tiny peeps.. so cute!  She is officially in love!  She named one Easter..haha


My little chick.. well she has always been crafty and enjoyed sewing.. but now I get to wait until she is done sewing 😉  Maybe I can hire her!