February 18, 2010


The bright spot of February is my youngest’s birthday!  I’m happy to have something to look forward to in what often is the hardest month of the year.  We all get cabin fever crazy.. bored, tired of winter, and tired in general, we need some sun and warmth!  It’s nice to have a reason to celebrate and have a party and eat yummy treats with our friends and family.

My girl asked for a doll for her birthday and I was more than happy to make her one, she wanted a pixie doll with violet eyes and purple rainbow hair.  I used some amazing silk/wool blend Manos del Uruguay, it’s so soft.

I think she just might like her!   I also made her a wool felt crown inspired by Ella’s beautiful work.

In the morning before her party we baked her cake with this recipe and topped it with homemade buttercream icing.  She wanted to decorate with her playmobil unicorns and star sprinkles!

At our house the birthday girl or boy gets to choose the birthday dinner.  She chose spanokapita which is a treat at our house and doesn’t last long.

Spanokapita Recipe to come tomorrow.. must get back to sewing!



2 lbs Fresh Spinach or frozen chopped spinach if thats all you can get.  Fresh tastes much better!

1 tub ricotta cheese

1/2 lb of  feta cheese

8 eggs

1/2 lb butter

pre-made phyllo dough (1 box)

2 diced onions

a couple cloves of garlic

chopped oregano

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

If using fresh spinach you will need to wilt it a bit.  Heat up a skillet, splash of olive oil, toss it in the pan and sprinkle with a bit of salt.  It will shrink a lot!  I use about 3 bags of spinach when I make this.  Do it in batches and toss them into a big mixing bowl.

Keep the skillet on and melt a pat of butter.. toss in the onions and fry until browned, toss in the garlic for a minute, then add this to the mixing bowl.

Lightly beat all the eggs and pour them into the mixture.

Put in the whole tub of ricotta, crumble the feta and add it as well.  Stir everything until well blended.

Sprinkle with a bit of salt, fresh black pepper and fresh or dried oregano.

Now choose a large rectangular casserole pan (9 by 13) and butter it.  Melt about 1/2 of butter in a small pot and with a pastry brush ( we have a great silicone one)  Roll out the pastry and divide it in half.  Lay down the phyllo one sheet at a time, buttering each sheet lightly as you go.  Once you have layered out half the package pour the entire bowl of ingredients on top of the buttered phyllo.  Then with the remaining half layer and butter it until you have used every sheet.

With a sharp knife cut through the top layers to the filling in about 3 places to make steam vents.  Brush the top with butter and bake at 375 degrees for 60 minutes.  Cut into squares and serve hot!


December 25, 2007


~*~ Happy Holidays and Peaceful Blessings~*~

March 15, 2007

todays thrift shop find! lucky me