Baby Molly Auction

January 31, 2011

Please take a few minutes to visit the amazing Fundraiser Auction for Molly Campbell held by the kind-hearted Christina at Bamboletta Dolls

You will have the option of bidding on many beautiful handmade items or donating directly with all proceeds to be give to the Baby Molly Trust.

Molly was diagnosed with leukemia at one month old just before Christmas.  She is the youngest of five children for the Campbell family.

I know all too well of the struggles this family is facing right now.  It is the exact same type of leukemia that my sister Leslie so bravely battled.

When I think of how much it helped all of us, to know people were supporting her fight, giving what they could to help us through, it made the world of difference.  To have a meal, a place to stay, childcare, a ride helped so much to enable my family to be with my sister as much as possible.  The financial worry is immense in a time like this and your auction donation will help them so much!

I was honoured to donate something I made in my sister’s memory to help out this family.  If you would like to donate directly you can here, or you can bid on the many items up for auction.

Some of the many things available are :

 Beautiful Waldorf Dolls made by the talented Bamboletta Team :

Heart for Molly

Many hand-knit with love items :

Owl Doll Hat - (MF1)

Handmade clothing for both dolls and children :

Wool Felt Fairy Dress - by Refresh (AL1)

Hand crafted Wooden Toys :

Wooden Sewing Machine - Wood Clinic

Matching Mama & Child Organic Slings

New Baby Set! by Sew Funky!

and SO much more.


Bamboletta and friends raised over $23,000 for the Campbell Family!


Christina of Bamboletta Dolls is doing an amazing fundraiser auction with all proceeds going to benefit the MS Society. She has beautiful, handmade Canadian dolls up for grabs and some amazing accessory packages including :

Sewfunky Designer Organic Doll Slings!


Bamboletta is a small company based in British Columbia creating unique Waldorf Inspired Natural Dolls.  Each one is hand-crafted with love ❤    Be careful or else you will catch Bambo Fever like many of her fans! 

Christina raised ten thousand dollars for Haiti Releif to go to Doctors Without Borders this past January!


 Auction ends June 7, 2010, 11:00 pm EDT

Sewfunky Organic Designer Doll Sling 

The doll slings are always available on the Sewfunky site for custom order!

The first sling is a mini version of the designer collection Carnival Bloom on Espresso.

The second is certified organic cotton with a sweet gnome appliqued patch!