Dolly Making

September 12, 2011

This is a sweet Waldorf Pixie Doll I finished this week!

She has beautiful Fair Trade Hand Spun hair in 100% wool with golden skin and blue eyes.  She’s wearing a handknit wool dress and booties made with hand-dyed wool with sweet sage green hemp pants.  She is carrying her matching pixie baby in a Sewfunky PandaWrap made with silky soft bamboo jersey.

So many holiday dolls on my to-do list once fall arrives then it’s time to cozy up on the couch with my hand work basket in the evening!


Spring Give-Away

March 15, 2011

Well it has been a crazy winter, no time for blogging so just a quick note!  I will do a winter wrap up later this week, I promise!

But first our Sewfunky Spring Give-Away!

Sewfunky Baby Slings

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  After a long winter I am SO excited for Spring that I would like to host a Give-Away! This contest is for all the expecting Mamas – to enter please comment on the Facebook Page on the contest announcement post with the month you are due & your favourite Designer Organic Sling.

Sewfunky Designer Organic Baby Sling Laughing Leaf on Black

Sewfunky Designer Organic Baby Sling Laughing Leaf on Black

 On Sunday March 20th @ 8pm I will choose 2 winners with a random number generator & announce it on Facebook! Please share the Babywearing LOVE with your pregnant or adopting friends! 

Sewfunky Panda Wrap

Sewfunky PandaWrap

As an added way to win, the comment with the most ‘likes’ gets a Sewfunky PandaWrap!

Spread the word!

Contest has ended – Congratulations Kate, Sara and Amanda!

Happy Spring!

Almost done..

December 23, 2008

After a busy pre-holiday season I am looking forward to some rest and time to be with my family.  I can’t wait to go visit my sister after Christmas, I will feel so much better when I see her.
I just dropped off my last order for the season, a beautiful little doll for a holiday birthday.  I was so lucky to meet this sweet little baby when she was only a few days old and taught her mama how to use the PandaWrap and I feel very special that I got to make her birthday present for her first birthday.  Her doll has amazing bamboo/wool hair, it’s so soft, like silk and a wool knit dress.  We also sent along a cute little kid sling from us, so she can ‘wear her baby’ 
I still have presents to wrap and a sewing room to clean up and some baking to do.  Ooo and snow to shovel.. there is always snow to shovel.

stitching away

May 8, 2008

Isn’t she sweet? She has silk/wool Noro Blossom yarn for hair.  She is made with organic cotton skin and local wool for stuffing.  She has become one of my favourites by far!

Life has been busy, sewing, gardening and spring cleaning.  We had a lovely time at the spring fair at our local waldorf school.  It is such a beautiful place and it was so nice to see so many families we know.  The kids had so much fun doing different crafts, seeing a play and having great food.  The artists had so many beautiful things in the craft market.

I finally have instructions up for the PandaWrap on the website thanks to my gorgeous friend Kasia and her chubby little man 😉

I have received so many lovely photos from customers lately and it makes me so happy to see your beautiful babies happy in their sling! 

Custom order a special spring dress for you little one with a matching sun bonnet.

Beautiful Mama and Baby

January 25, 2008


My dad knows how much I love babywearing, on his travels he tries to capture images to bring back to me.  This one is from his trip to Mexico this past December, isn’t it lovely?



The Rebozo (stole-like mexican garment)

By Eduardo Rincón-Gallardo – October 2006.

Part of the indigenous women’s attire, the rebozo is worn in many ways at different times in a Mexican woman’s life. In Puerto Vallarta it is even celebrated with an annual gala evening.

The rebozo is a piece of fabric 7ft by 2ft, though dimensions vary from region to region. This typical garment has been an inseparable companion of Mexican women for many centuries.

Rebozos are made from wool or cotton. They are colored with dyes made from local plants, insects and marine molluscs. Rebozos take their form and colors from the local resources and climate.

A connoisseur can tell the origin of any rebozo by its material, its design and its colors.

Apart from protecting a woman from the cold and the sun, the rebozo is the ideal garment used by a mother to keep her child by her side at all times. By tying her rebozo it becomes a sling, and her hands are free to wash, cook and go about her daily routine and duties. The rebozo gives the mother flexibility to breast-feed, talk and sing to her baby, or pray while carrying her child at her waist, on her back, on her shoulders, or wherever her motherly love’s creativity will allow.

Even before birth the rebozo can be of great help; women know how to use the rebozo to position the baby and facilitate birth in complicated cases.

In Mexico the high veneration rendered to a mother is not gratuitous. There are strong ties like the rebozo that greatly strengthen the weave that traditionally unites Mexican families.

Eduardo Rincón-Gallardo

Bamboo Panda Wraps

December 27, 2007

Sewfunky Panda Wrap©

The jersey fabric is made from 70%  bamboo 30% cotton fibre that is soft, silky and lustrous. It’s the perfect fabric to have next to a newborn baby’s skin! Bamboo fabric is light and strong and naturally wicks away moisture and has an antibacterial quality making it perfect for a wrap! Many people who have experienced allergic reactions to other natural fibres like wool and hemp will find they won’t have these issues with bamboo.

Each wrap is 5.5 metres in length and comes with instructions for you to learn to wear your baby. The centre is marked with our Sewfunky Label to make putting your wrap on much simpler! A wrap is truly the most secure way to carry your baby completely hands free.

The weight recommendation for these wraps is newborn to 20 pounds. You are welcome to continue using them up to 35 pounds but as your baby grows you will find that the jersey will stretch with your baby’s weight and you will have to re-tighten your wrap occasionally to have a comfy fit.

A stretchy soft wrap is ideal for premature babies needing skin to skin contact. Also a wrap is a safe way to carry baby upright and high your chest which most small babies prefer. Being upright helps a great deal with reflux or babies that have gas. Because a wrap is worn on both shoulders it is an excellent choice for those who have back or neck pain and makes you hands free with a newborn.

Each wrap is finished with silky soft stretchy serger thread!

This knit fabric is finished and dyed in a closed environmentally friendly facility. No dyes, bleaches or finishing residues are released into the environment.